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1 - Working with DJ Domenica was truly like a breath of fresh air. She’s a team player that strives for the same goal as the organizer.....A GREAT PARTY and SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. She keeps the attendees on the dance floor up and about. For those that are too self conscious to get out on the floor you can see them shimmy in place. She is a consummate professional who is extremely responsible and responsive. She possesses a great command of all types of music and is able to mix them in a manner that maintains the flow. I’ve worked with many DJ’s and I hold DJ Domenica in very high regard. It’s not easy to cater to a broad crowd of folks in different age ranges and ethnicities, however she makes it appear easy.
~ Heather CEO | Q-Girls | NY, NY

2 - Dj Domenica is our most recent find. We spotted her at another gig. Domenica reads our audience accordingly to maintain a full dance floor. Domenica also has met our music choice requests with grace and filters them in while retaining balance in the sounds and flow.
~ Jo Mineo, Event Host | JoZ Events | Georgetown, CT

3 - Domenica is the ‘Queen of the Desert DJ’. She reads the needs of the venue and the customers. Her versitile talent and excellent choices of tunes gives any venue she spins at an added bonus. She has always given of her time to charitable events and fund raisers. I want her back.
~ Rhonda R Walden, Owner | ZOAN | 4301 N 7 Ave, Phx., AZ

4 - As publisher of Caliente Flavaz Music Magazine LLC it is important to me that I am working with the best deejays on the market today. DJ Domenica has surpassed all of my expectations. I have worked with DJ Domenica on countless occasions and each time she puts such energy, passion, and dedication that you walk away feeling and knowing that you’ve just hired perfection.
~ John J Foley | Publisher/Owner Caliente Flavaz Music Magazine LLC

5 - DJ Domenica has courage behind the decks. She plays the hot Top 40 as well as new club bangers destined to become dance floor classics. Also, her animated energy while she mixes engages the audience. She is professional, playful, and fun!
~ Jeff Kodman, DJ Tsunami | Phoenix, AZ

6 - Deejay Domenica embodies the passion for music. She truly embraces her craft and it shows on the dance floor. Artist, like myself, truly appreciate the artistry in talented DJ’s !!!! Thank you Deejay Domenica for keeping it hot on the dance floors!!
~ PL&L, Amber Dirks | KopaTechnic

7 - My experience I had with DJ Domenica met ALL my expectations above and beyond. As I was planning my girlfriend’s Surprise 50th Birthday party, I knew I wanted DJ Domenica since I have attended many of the events she participated at and enjoyed her mix of music. I sent her lists of songs I wanted for the party from disco to pop to country music and she had no problem including all of them. Thanks to her, the dance floor was full all night and the party rocked! I would no doubt use her services again. Domenica, be prepared to DJ at our wedding!!!
~ Aileen R. | Merrick, NY

8 - Domenica knows how to keep the party live on the dance floor, from ol’ school to new school I’ve heard this DJ do it all!
~ Alkeme | local Phoenix DJ

9 - I met Deejay Domenica around Christmas of 1998 as she was spinning at Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness in Phoenix. The club was still evolving, but soon became the place to be for women in Phoenix. She was one of the few DJ’s in the city that would be kind enough to take requests. In 2004, she found a new home at E Lounge and many of the patrons from The Biz followed her there and it soon became the new "hot spot" for women. Then in 2006 her new home was at zGirl Club and the same happened there. We were all sad when she decided to move back east to help and be with her mother, but its obvious that wherever she goes she will keep them dancing.
~ Paul McGee | local Phoenix DJ and former Phoenix music columnist

10 - I have used DJ Domenica for all my themed parties and she has always met my music needs every time! She has entertained from groups of 50 to my last block party which was very successful-kids were entertained throughout the day and adults took over the dance floor when it turned dark. Lots of fun for everyone due to DJ Domenica! I also have been to clubs where she worked and is very versatile to client’s music needs and venue setting. I will use her for all my DJ needs and I highly recommend her for yours!
~ Bernee P. | Long Beach, NY

11 - DJ Domenica keeps the crowd entertained, She gets them involved in dancing, from dance/house, hip-hop, top 40, she loves it all. I have fond memories of going out to the club and seeing everyone dance to anything Domenica played, and that’s what makes a good DJ. Thank you for all the good times.
~ Carlos Silva | Photographer

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