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About the Deejay:

20 + years experience in many clubs along with many different social events mostly in Phoenix, AZ.

Returned to my home state of NY in 2010 and have been busy with many social events on Long Island and in New York.

I am an extremely passionate person about many things, music being one of those things. Music soothes my soul, and it also gives me energy. I knew that music would always be a part of my life.

When I went out clubbing, I was always infatuated with the DJ's. As I danced, I would listen. When I had my chance, I would watch the DJ in action. Thanks to Kathy C, Adam, and Bryan, and I apologize if I missed anyone, from my old stomping ground, Kiss in Lake Ronkonkoma, for allowing me to do so.

When I moved to Phoenix, AZ, I worked in a nightclub, Talk of the Town, in 1988 as a waitress, but I really wanted to be a DJ, but I had no experience, just the passion. With some inspiration and guidance from another DJ, Donalee, and with the luck of a former DJ walking out on a Saturday night, I was called by the owner to fill the position. Thank you Deb and Lyn (RIP Lyn) for giving me the opportunity.

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