Fridays at E-Lounge

THE NIGHT: Fridays at E-Lounge
THE DJ: Domenica

THE SCENE: A diverse coterie of same-sex couples (male and female, and the occasional straight couple) busts shameless moves on the dance floor. Narcissists watch themselves in the giant mirror that covers one wall, while exhibitionists gyrate on the platform. By midnight, more than a hundred people are packed into the sepia-toned dance pit, where a gender gamut shakes it under the strobe light -- boys in sparkly shirts and baggy jeans, girls in baseball caps or hot pink bustiers -- and people raise their beer pitchers high in hedonistic triumph. Unless they're making out, nobody's standing up against the red brick wall.

THE VIBE: DJ Domenica doesn't play anything without a beat. After successful runs at gay hot spots like Ain't Nobody's Bizness and Paco-Paco, she comes with a built-in fan base and a good gauge of her audience's tastes. Domenica mostly spins a Top 40 rotation, but with a special kick -- hip-hop and techno beats juice up hits by Nelly, Janet Jackson, and En Vogue into high-energy dance excursions. She's on the mike on a lot, too, encouraging people to scream if they're having a good time. | originally published: July 1, 2004